Food Videos

Avoiding processed foods is the biggest contributor to a pain free knee
These videos are things that you can do in order to make eating healthier adaptable. 
Enjoy newly released and helpful videos by visiting YouTube & See our favorites that may be most valuable below
Essential Spice (Cumin) - When healing your knee cooking more of your food allows the control of what goes into your body. Cumin is one of the 5 Spices that you can rely on 



Essential Spice (Thyme) - Thyme is a spice that you can use for baking, for soups and much more. It is a spice that is essential & makes having a Happy Knee easier  
Sweet Tooth - If you love sweets they can be a source of great inflammation and hindering your recovery as well as healing a painful knee. Here is a trick to make your favorite smoothie even better and satisfy your sweet tooth.