Take a Breath

When I traveled to Thailand this was the #1 breathing method I could not wait to share. It allows you to block everything out and enjoy calm and reduce stress in very little time. 

1. Bhramari Breath 

Do round of 3 rounds. It is a great way to ; start your day, reduce stress or find focus.

Step 1 : Sitting comfortably with back straight place close your eyes. Place 4 fingers (excluding thumb) over your eyes ( do not press on eyelids just place

Step 2 : Place thumbs on ears to block sound

Step 3 : Inhale through the nose . exhale through the nose in a humming that you will feel in the back of your throat

do this 3 times. Best done in rounds of 3

Step 4 : After you are finished remove hands with eyes still closed and slowly open your eyes.


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