Water is necessary but rarely is it explained and related to our daily lives we hope that this helps!  Here are a couple of our favorite reasons and solutions.

Why Do I have to drink water ?

- Fight Cravings and reduce overeating -Sometimes we have cravings for food but we are actually just thirsty and dehydrated. This can lead to overeating and further dehydration as you are still not drinking the needed water that your body is begging for. 

- Improve circulation - When you have a knee injury (or any injury) the body needs to be able to move the harmful toxins, inflammation and other useful things from the injured area resulting in the ability for it to soak up helpful nutrients and heal quicker. Water is the catalyst to this circulation

3 Tricks To make getting your water intake easier

1. Drink water at room temperature - This will allow for you to literally chug it as it is not freezing cold

2. Drink water first thing in the morning - This is making it easier for you as your body has been without water all while you were sleeping and once you wake it is ready to be refueled. This is a great solution for those that may feel " I just don't feel thirsty" this is deliberately timing when your body naturally needs it most.

3. Add water to your juice - If you have a favorite beverage that you can not just quick cold turkey you can dilute it and although this is not the same as drinking water it will be an improvement and help as you work to get more water throughout the day.

Health & Joy 


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