I believe that the singular greatest advantage that I had growing up was learning how to cook vegetables.

From cooking at 12 to finding best COOP or CSA to join for great veggies this is one habit that stuck.


I was tempted and easily discouraged when I was not able to pick things up and I began to realize that many things that I saw as easy and others saw as a challenge was not because I had this super will power but it was because I started earlier in cultivating the habit that may make it easier .

For this reason I wanted to share 2 habits that I feel as adults can help us maintain longevity and a quality of life. 

- Move - Often knee pain can creep up on us if we had a previous injury and you may feel like not moving at all or wonder if working out will do more harm. The truth is that you want to find a way that is pain free that you can move so as to continue to encourage circulation in your knee 2 low impact options are swimming and biking. The Exercise guide explains even more 

- Drink water - Get in the habit of only having water around and actually drinking it. This may mean that you have to figure out what is getting in the way of your drinking water or using a guide to help you hack water drinking 

The Happy Knee is dedicated to giving solutions that help you enjoy a long lasting quality of life that allows for mobility and joy.

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